Emergency Hormonal Contraception


Please note, the EHC PGD has been amended so that it is no longer necessary to complete a face-to-face consultation with a patient in order to supply EHC.  This will remain in place until the end of this year.  A letter has been sent to all EHC-providing pharmacies on PharmOutcomes.  Please look out for a message on there.

It is likely that we could see an increase in demand for EHC over the coming weeks.  A consultation must still occur, however could be over the phone, or via video-link, etc.  The EHC could then be bagged up and left for collection.

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement for the EHC service can be found below:

COVID-19 Update for EHC PGD Provision

EHC SLA 2018-19

Patient Group Direction

The PGD for levonorgestrel can be found below:

PGD Champs Levonorgestrel

EHC Service Guide

PGD Champs Ulipristal


From 1st February 2018, all EHC provisions are to be recorded on PharmOutcomes.  The following guide may be of help with this: PharmOutcomes EHC Guide