New Contractor Support

Community Pharmacy Liverpool represents all contractors in Liverpool and if you’re a new contractor in the area, we hope the information below proves useful.

We have put together below answers to a few common questions we receive from new contractors but if there is anything else we can help with please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Matthew Harvey, Chief Officer – – 07591 208 026

David Barker – Engagement Officer – – 07591 207 923

Thomas Wareing – Engagement Officer – – 07517 105 792


New Contractor FAQS

How can I set up my NHS Shared Email Account?

To obtain a shared NHSmail account for your pharmacy, go to the community pharmacy NHSmail registration portal at:   If you are having technical difficulties contact

How can I set up/update the NHS Profile for my pharmacy?

You can sign in (or register, using your personal NHS email address), at:

Who can I contact about Smart Cards?

To obtain Smart Cards or for Smart Card issues, contact the Registration Authority Team on:

NHS Informatics Merseyside – External Self Service (

How do I contact the NHS Local Area Team?

There is no telephone number for the NHS Local Area Team, all queries regarding the NHS Contract should be emailed to:

Where can I find out about Locally Commissioned Services?

Details of currently commissioned services, including service specifications, PGDs, etc are available on our website at: Locally Commissioned Services

How do I arrange for Controlled Drug (CD) Destruction?

NHS England now manages requests for CD destruction and other CD management via the CD Reporting website at:

What Local Training is available?

The LPC subscribes to the Virtual Outcomes training platform which provides our pharmacies access to a suite of online training resources.  To access, simply enter your ODS Code at:

Where can I find out about Local Events?

We inform our contractors of events via NHS Mail using Mailchimp. Sign up to receive updates here.