SWAGGA Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks are grouped into areas using prescription item totals. The idea of a Primary and Secondary network, is to highlight the relationship between two areas. It is important to remember, you should NOT expect to hear from your Secondary PCN regularly, but there may be some communication from your secondary network, if the PCN Lead for that area has news to share with those pharmacies that do NOT align by network, but may be within a close geographical area.

Shane Sweeney
FPA31 – Kays Pharmacy

ODS Code Ownership Name Address Postcode Primary PCN Secondary PCN
FXP79 Aigburth Pharmacy Fulwood Medical Centre L17 5AR SWAGGA Central Liverpool
FCN91 Asda Unit 20, Hunts Cross  L24 9GB SWAGGA None
FTN88 Belle Vale Pharmacy 119 Belle Vale Road L25 2PE SWAGGA iGPC
FF987 Boots 43 Booker Avenue L18 4QZ SWAGGA Childwall & Wavertree
FYL72 Boots 139 Aigburth Road L17 0BJ SWAGGA The Picton Network
FAQ22 Boots Units 1 & 2, Belle Vale L25 2QY SWAGGA iGPC
FWGG19 Boots Unit 9, New Mersey Retail L24 8QB SWAGGA Central Liverpool
FLP04 Gateacre Park Pharmacy Unit 1, Gateacre Park L25 1PD SWAGGA Childwall & Wavertree
FVP39 Grange Lane Pharmacy 183 Grange Lane L25 5JY SWAGGA None
FE162 Green Lane Pharmacy 167-169 Allerton Road L18 2DD SWAGGA Childwall & Wavertree
FAN04 Greencross Pharmacy West Speke Health Centre L24 3TY SWAGGA None
FQA29 Greencross Pharmacy 79 Garston Old Road L19 9AD SWAGGA Central Liverpool
FAC06 Hunts Cross Pharmacy 4 Woodend Avenue L25 0PA SWAGGA None
FPA31 Kays Pharmacy Netherley Health Centre L27 7AF SWAGGA None
FFG70 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd Unit 1, Block E Holly Court L19 2JP SWAGGA Central Liverpool
FGL64 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd New Neighbourhood HC L24 2XD SWAGGA None
FHV61 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd Unit 10-15 Penketh Drive L24 2WZ SWAGGA None
FK533 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd 554 Aigburth Road L19 3QG SWAGGA Central Liverpool
FWV49 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd 30 Church Road L19 2LW SWAGGA None
FF874 Lloyds Pharmacy 1 Sainsbury’s Centre L25 5QA SWAGGA None
FVD58 Lloyds Pharmacy 109 East Milwood Road L24 6TH SWAGGA None
FKJ51 Stephens Pharmacy 516 Mather Avenue L19 4UG SWAGGA Central Liverpool
FK792 Tesco 5 Allerton Road L25 7SF SWAGGA None
FMJ13 Tesco Mather Avenue L18 6HF SWAGGA Childwall & Wavertree
FW234 Woolton Late Night Pharmacy 267 Hunts Cross Avenue L25 9ND SWAGGA None
FJH50 Hale Village Pharmacy 3 Ivy Farm Court L24 4AG SWAGGA None
FFG85 Ritecare Pharmacy Unit 106 L24 1YA SWAGGA Liverpool First