North Liverpool Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks are grouped into areas using prescription item totals. The idea of a Primary and Secondary network, is to highlight the relationship between two areas. It is important to remember, you should NOT expect to hear from your Secondary PCN regularly, but there may be some communication from your secondary network, if the PCN Lead for that area has news to share with those pharmacies that do NOT align by network, but may be within a close geographical area.

PCN Lead for North Liverpool
Andem Edem
FJD74 – Sedem Pharmacy

ODS Code Ownership Name Address Postcode Primary PCN Secondary PCN
FH658 Allison’s Chemist 43 Moss Way L11 0BL North Liverpool Aintree
FEV79 Boots 31 Broadway L11 1BY North Liverpool Aintree
FHT20 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd 115/117 Townsend Avenue L11 8NB North Liverpool Anfield & Everton
FLA68 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd 26 Carr Lane L11 2YA North Liverpool None
FAT68 Lloyds Pharmacy Unit 8, 38 Langley Close L12 0NE North Liverpool None
FFP95 Lloyds Pharmacy 255 Lower House Lane L11 2SF North Liverpool Aintree
FT610 Lloyds Pharmacy Sainsbury’s Rice Lane L9 1NL North Liverpool Aintree
FW519 McDonnell’s Pharmacy Ltd 101 Broad Lane L11 1AD North Liverpool Aintree
FG199 McKeevers Chemist Breeze Close Health Centre L9 1AD North Liverpool Anfield & Everton
FHK94 Norman Pharmacy 155/157 Walton Road L4 4AH North Liverpool Anfield & Everton
FC339 Sedem Pharmacy 310/312 Westminister Road L4 3TQ North Liverpool None
FJD74 Sedem Pharmacy 66/74 Stanley Road L5 2QA North Liverpool Central Liverpool
FLT32 Sedem Pharmacy Efik House L4 4AF North Liverpool Anfield & Everton
FNR77 Sedem Pharmacy 16 County Road L4 3QH North Liverpool Central Liverpool
FYM17 Sedem Pharmacy Bousfield Health Centre L4 4PP North Liverpool Central Liverpool
FPY11 Well The Health Centre Pharmacy L11 4UGG North Liverpool Aintree