Central Liverpool Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks are grouped into areas using prescription item totals. The idea of a Primary and Secondary network, is to highlight the relationship between two areas. It is important to remember, you should NOT expect to hear from your Secondary PCN regularly, but there may be some communication from your secondary network, if the PCN Lead for that area has news to share with those pharmacies that do NOT align by network, but may be within a close geographical area.

PCN Lead for Central Liverpool
Peter Beeley
FXV39 – Boots

ODS Code Ownership Name Address Postcode Primary PCN Secondary PCN
FMC89 Boots 68/70 London Road L3 5NF Central Liverpool Anfield & Everton
FXV39 Boots 9/15 Church Street L1 3AY Central Liverpool None
FF015 Boots Clayton Square Shopping Centre L1 1QR Central Liverpool None
FFM98 Boots 44 Castle Street L2 7LH Central Liverpool None
FE862 Bounce Pharmacy 158-160 Windsor Street L8 8EH Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FPN27 Central Pharmacy Abercrombie Health Centre L7 7HG Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FAF48 Cohens Chemist 30 Argyle Street L1 5DL Central Liverpool None
FRG94 Daveys Chemist 99 Holt Road L7 2PN Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FYQ87 Euro Chemist 16/20 Berry Street L1 4JF Central Liverpool None
FGA31 Kays Chemist 127 London Road L3 8JA Central Liverpool iGPC
FMN22 P Robinson Vauxhall Centre for Health L5 8XR Central Liverpool North Liverpool
FPP13 Riverside – O’Briens Chemist Riverside Centre for Health L8 6QP Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FG222 Rowlands Pharmacy 252 Park Road L8 4UE Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FHD28 Rowlands Pharmacy 1 The Elms L8 3SS Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FXF64 Rowlands Pharmacy 157 Lodge Lane L8 0QQ Central Liverpool The Picton Network
FKY37 Superdrug Pharmacy 11/13 Parker Street L1 1DJ Central Liverpool None
FXN75 Tesco Park Road L8 4XF Central Liverpool The Picton Network

Distance Selling Pharmacy

FMT74 Practice Pharmacy Direct Second Floor, Porter House L3 7BL Central Liverpool Anfield & Everton