Care Enterprise Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks are grouped into areas using prescription item totals. The idea of a Primary and Secondary network, is to highlight the relationship between two areas. It is important to remember, you should NOT expect to hear from your Secondary PCN regularly, but there may be some communication from your secondary network, if the PCN Lead for that area has news to share with those pharmacies that do NOT align by network, but may be within a close geographical area.

PCN Lead for Care Enterprise
 Jane Lightfoot
 FWX94 – Sedem Pharmacy

ODS Code Ownership Name Address Postcode Primary PCN Secondary PCN
FLV18 Boots 620 Prescott Road L13 5XE Care Enterprise iGPC
FP252 Green Lane Pharmacy 17 Green Lane L13 7DT Care Enterprise iGPC
FM098 Lloyds Pharmacy 629/631 West Derby Road L13 8AG Care Enterprise Anfield & Everton
FQA76 Lloyds Pharmacy 23/25 St Oswalds Street L13 5SA Care Enterprise iGPC
FW374 Muirhead Avenue Pharmacy 66 Muirhead Avenue East L1 1EN Care Enterprise North Liverpool
FLD23 Richard Clitherow Ltd 22 Dovecot Place L14 9PH Care Enterprise iGPC
FHH38 Rowlands Pharmacy 265 Pilch Lane L14 0JF Care Enterprise iGPC
FWX94 Sedem Pharmacy 104 Derby Lane L13 3DW Care Enterprise iGPC
FD864 Tesco St Oswalds Street L13 2BY Care Enterprise iGPC
FNF73 Tuebrook Pharmacy 503 West Derby Road L6 4BW Care Enterprise Liverpool First