Smoking Cessation

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement for NRT Voucher Dispensing can be found below:

SLA NRT dispensing 2017 18

Smoking Cessation Advice

The Service Level Agreement for Smoking Cessation Advice can be found below:

Pharmacy SLA Final Smoking Cessation 1920


From 1st February 2018, all Smoking Cessation consultation and NRT voucher dispensing provisions will need to be recorded on PharmOutcomes.

NRT Voucher

The NRT Voucher claim form is very intuitive, and very similar to that on Service Pact.

Smoking Cessation

There are 4 Smoking cessation service templates for completion at different times as the client progress.  Services ‘1a – Client Information’ and ‘1b – Pre-Quit Information’ are completed on patient sign up and will activate payment of the sign up fee.  ‘Advice Session and Supply’ is to be completed when the patient returns for follow up advice consultations and supplies of NRT.  If the client requests Champix, the GP request form will be generated automatically and either emailed to the surgery via NHSmail, or the system will ask you to print and send manually.  There will be no need to handwrite a form.  The 4 week quit status is recorded in the service template of the same name.  This will trigger your quit payment.

There is also the option of sending a text reminder to the client following the appointment.  Details of this can be found on the service template.

Pharmacies can also view client progress by following this guide: PharmOutcomes Client Progress Report Guide