Quality Payments Update

The new quality payments information has been released and there are 2 new criteria that require staff to access CPPE resources:

  • On the day of the review, 80% of all registered pharmacy professionals working at the pharmacy have satisfactorily completed the CPPE Risk Management training; and the pharmacy has available for inspection at the review point, at premises level, an example of a risk review that the pharmacy team at the premises have drawn up for a risk in that pharmacy that has been identified and prioritised with identified risk minimisation actions that the pharmacy team is taking.
  • On the day of the review the pharmacy is a Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1 (self-assessment) and; 80% of staff working at the pharmacy (including pharmacy professionals) that provide healthcare advice to the public have successfully completed the CPPE children’s oral health training assessment.

To support contractors with meeting these criteria we have created a Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme page on our website www.cppe.ac.uk/quality-payments  which can be accessed via a link on the home page. The links to the materials and assessments can be found on this page, and from the 8th October there will also be a CPPE Quality Payments learning resources which will highlight resources that can be used to support not only the two criteria where we are mentioned but all of the quality criteria.

For those members of the pharmacy team that are not registered with the GPhC, they can register with CPPE as a Non-registrant.  This will give them access to the Children’s Oral Health Learning and other resources such as safeguarding level 1, free of charge.