Updated NHSBSA – Staff Risk Assessment Survey

Updated NHSBSA – Staff Risk Assessment Survey

July 15, 2020


You will have now received the NHSBSA Snap Survey to your NHS Shared Mailbox for the Pharmacy Risk Assessment Declaration.

The NHSBSA are asking that you declare your progress on performing COVID-19 risk assessments for your staff. This follows a previous request from NHSE&I at the end of June to complete individual risk assessment for at least your at-risk staff – further details of this request can be found on the PSNC website.

Employers have  responsibility to maintain health and wellbeing for their staff and we would strongly encourage you to complete the assessments for all staff if you have not already done so.

Supporting Information 

There are a number of tools available to support you to complete the necessary assessments. The NPA and Avicenna have toolkits available for members. The PDA have also made their toolkit accessible to all:

Additionally PSNC provide support and guidance on undertaking individual staff risk assessments on their PPE, staff safety and security webpage.

Remember to document any staff who opt out of completing the risk assessment. 

Further information regarding keeping customers and workforce safe is available from HM Government – this includes details regarding sharing the Risk Assessment once complete:


NHSE&I have asked the NHSBSA to collect information about the progress of community pharmacy contractors over the course of July; similar information is also being requested from the other primary care contractors.
There will be two windows for collection:

  • 9am on 9th July to 11.59pm on 17th July; and
  • 9am on 24th July to 11.59pm on 31st July.

The questions asked are:

  1. Have you offered a risk assessment to all staff? Y/N
  2. What % of all your staff have you risk assessed?
  3. What % of risk assessments have been completed for staff who are known to be ‘at-risk’, with mitigating steps agreed where necessary?
  4. What % of risk assessments have been completed for staff who are known to be from a BAME background, with mitigating steps agreed where necessary?

You are asked to submit a declaration in each window, even if all staff assessments were completed during the first. You can access the survey using the branch specific link in the e-mail from the NHSBSA or by clicking the link below:

Complete the Risk Assessment Declaration

Further information can also be found on the NHSBSA website.

If you are part of a multiple pharmacy group please check with your head office before completing at a branch level as they may have alternative provision in place. 

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