#liverpoolpharmacyheroes Diana Chung and her teams go above and beyond!

#liverpoolpharmacyheroes Diana Chung and her teams go above and beyond!

June 10, 2020

Diana Chung from Station Pharmacy and Orrell Park Pharmacy in Liverpool recently told us some stories that she and her teams experienced during the last few weeks:

  • We were offering a private health check clinic for Chinese students to get the all clear so they could fly back home to their families
  • A patient collapsed outside the pharmacy , so we went to help and hear he ended up having a pacemaker fitted
  • A diabetic patient collapsed in the pharmacy and my pregnant pharmacist offered help and assistance
  • I have administered  pneumonia and hep B jabs (so they could start working as a nurse and join the police) as doctors refused supply

Diana and her teams have had donations of flowers and chocolates which they are very thankful for!!

A patient recently sent this card which uplifted their moods.  Liverpool LPC would like to offer a sincere thank you to Diana and her teams for going above and beyond – you are truly one of our #liverpoolpharmacyheroes

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