#liverpoolpharmacyheroes Boaler St Boots are brilliant!

#liverpoolpharmacyheroes Boaler St Boots are brilliant!

June 10, 2020

This is the message we received from Ian Gratrix, Boots UK.

Two members of the Boots staff, in Boaler Street, Liverpool had symptoms and needed to self-isolate.  This caused a massive impact on the dynamics of our work stream. Our team however, by its nature, was able to absorb this adversity and really step up to the mark.

Our team members volunteered for extra duties, without any questions and took to delivering any task they were presented with. For the first couple of weeks of the pandemic, our prescription volume almost doubled. We took a huge number of queries from patients ranging from local surgery access, medicine deliveries to minor ailments queries.

Our staff have helped with local deliveries to patients,  unable to attend pharmacy and have offered to do additional shopping, to some of our most vulnerable and isolated, elderly patients.

The team has offered reassurance, comfort and empathy to our most sensitive and poorly patients.

All the way we have maintained a great team spirit and have never lost our sense of humour. 

Our security guard has shown great stoicism and assisted massively with controlled entry into the store, to implement social distance to keep ourselves and our patients safe. 

Vicky, the store manager has shown great alacrity throughout the whole time. Patient safety, care and understanding have been our focus throughout these strange times!

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