PSNC Regs Explainer

7th November 2020

Following the new NHS regulations were laid to introduce changes to the Terms of Service for pharmacy contractors on October 20th PSNC have a developed a series of explainer articles.Some of these changes relate to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but most are changes which were previously agreed as part of the 5-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) and were originally planned to be introduced in July 2020.

We recommended all pharmacies review the articles to ensure they are meeting their Terms of Service.

Links to each article can be found in the table below:


Number Topic When does the change apply from Link to the PSNC article
1 Access to SCR

9th November 2020
2 Updating NHS Profiles 9th November 2020
3 NHS Mail 9th November 2020
4 Updating DoS Profile 9th November 2020
5 Health Campaigns 4th November 2020
6 EPS Access 9th November 2020
7 Pandemic Treatment Protocols 5th November 2020
8 Flexible provision of flu or corona virus vaccinations 5th November 2020
9 CAS Alert sign-up 9th November 2020
10 Commencement notices and contractors entering administration 9th November 2020
11 NHSE&I inspections and access to electronic information 9th November 2020
12 Facilitating remote access to pharmacy services 9th November 2020
13 HLP requirements

1st January 2021 (bar the DSP website requirements)
14 Consultations rooms and remote consultations 1st January 2021