NHSE BP Service

If your pharmacy has signed up to deliver the NHSE BP extension service, check out the service guide which the LPC has produced to support you to deliver the service.

This service has similarities to the BHF service but has a number of differences such as the inclusion of patients who have previously been diagnosed with hypertension, a second BP measurement at the pharmacy (where clinically appropriate) and extra PharmOutcomes templates for recording additional BP measurements, so it’s really important that you understand the changes before you get going.
To make it easier for your team we have developed a service briefing to explain the changes and support your preparations to deliver the service.

Please print off a copy of the guide which can be found here BP-NHSE-training-information-final (1) and share with team members who will be delivering the service

This project involved over 120 participating pharmacies across Liverpool, Cheshire & Merseyside.

Service documentation resources and pathways

Blood Pressure pharmacies shortlist v0 2

Cheshire and Merseyside Blood Pressure Leaflet

Cheshire and Merseyside Blood Pressure Pathway Final

Cheshire and Merseyside BP Zcard