New Medicines Service


The New Medicine Service (NMS) was the fourth Advanced Service to be added to the NHS community pharmacy contract; it commenced on 1st October 2011.

The service provides support for people with long-term conditions newly prescribed a medicine to help improve medicines adherence; it is initially focused on particular patient groups and conditions:

  1. asthma and COPD;
  2. type 2 diabetes;
  3. antiplatelet/anticoagulant therapy; and
  4. hypertension.

Information on the medicines that may be included in the New Medicines Service can be found HERE


Maximising Uptake

Our Maximising NMS guide offers hints and tips to maximise the uptake of NMS in your pharmacy.  The guide mentions the following resources that may also be helpful:

NMS Conditions


NMS Patient List





The PSNC Website has useful resources available for you to maximise NMS uptake in your pharmacy

Notification to NHS England

Pharmacy contractors providing MUR and NMS services are required by the Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced and Enhanced Services) (England) Directions 2013 to maintain records of the consultations. Pharmacy contractors must provide information on the MUR and NMS interventions undertaken in the previous quarter by completing the nationally agreed electronic reporting templates for MUR and NMS and submitting these to NHS England.

An electronic system has been developed to collect the completed MUR and NMS electronic reporting templates from pharmacy contractors and is now live in Cheshire and Merseyside.  Pharmacy contractors must return electronically within 10 working days of the end of the specified quarter.  Returns must NOT be made by post any more.

Details on the options available to submit the information to the NHSBSA is provided below but feedback received from contractors involved in the pilot has indicated that the online form has been the easiest method of submitting the information

There are 2 ways to submit the information to the NHSBSA, however feedback from pharmacies in other areas has shown option one is the easier:

1.        You can use an online form to enter your information. This is similar to the way the CPAF survey is completed. This is accessed via the NHSBSA website Please enter and submit all of the required information that you would normally enter into the reporting templates. This will be automatically uploaded into our system

2.        Download the electronic reporting templates from the NHSBSA website, complete the required information and save this as an .xlsx file in a local drive on your PC. Further information and guidance can also be found on the link above. You will then need to upload the electronic reporting templates to the NHSBSA Information Services Portal