Liverpool First PCN

Primary Care Networks are grouped into areas using prescription item totals. The idea of a Primary and Secondary network, is to highlight the relationship between two areas. It is important to remember, you should NOT expect to hear from your Secondary PCN regularly, but there may be some communication from your secondary network, if the PCN Lead for that area has news to share with those pharmacies that do NOT align by network, but may be within a close geographical area.

PCN Lead for Liverpool First John Davey

Liverpool based pharmacies

ODS Code Ownership Name Address Postcode Primary PCN Secondary PCN
FM859 Asda Pharmacy Utting Avenue L4 9XU Liverpool First North Liverpool
FF769 Boots 19 Prescot Road L7 0LA Liverpool First Central Liverpool
FL048 Boots 206 Boaler Street L6 6AE Liverpool First  Central Liverpool
FA083 Bounce Pharmacy 18 Prescot Road L7 0LQ Liverpool First Care Enterprise
FL317 Cohens Chemist 181 Walton Hall Avenue L11 7BY Liverpool First Aintree
FWK18 Coleman & Leighs Pharmacy 241 Walton Village L4 6TH Liverpool First North Liverpool
FK172 Daveys Chemist 253 Kensington L7 2RG Liverpool First  The Picton Network
FRJ38 L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd Vine Court L7 7AJ Liverpool First  Central Liverpool
Lloyds Pharmacy 202 Cherry Lane L4 8SG Liverpool First North Liverpool
FRM99 M Saleem Dispensing Chemist 16 / 18 Finch Road L14 4AT Liverpool First Care Enterprise
FH795 Yew Tree Chemist 235 Finch Lane L14 4AE Liverpool First iGPC